Haridwar is a district in Uttarakhand which is known as Gateway to Gods. Haridwar is the symbol of Indian Culture.Haridwar is the entry point of Char Dham such as Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.

The Bhagirath who was the king, grandson of King Sagar is brought the Ganga river down from heaven. Ganga was come in earth in Satya Yuga because King Bhagirath want for salvation of 60,000 of his ancestors that was in earth from the curse of the saint Kapil that is why, hope of their savation king bhagirath brought the Ganga in Earth and Haridwar is a holy place because the Holy Ganga is here .

The Ganga

The Ganga river is 2510 kilometer long, emanated in a snowfield and located among three Himalayan Mauntains.At the village of Devaprayag, 214 km (133 mi) from the source, the Bhagirathi joins the Alaknanda to form the Ganga, Alaknanda Plots Haridwar is located here .

Plots In Haridwar Alaknanda

Alaknanda Plots in Haridwar is one of the refresh plots project by Hero Group. Arrow Infra Limited Company is the real estae company which is originated from Hero Group. Haridwar is the holy place where Alaknanda Greens will be a township. Alaknanda plots are located in National Highway 58 which interconnects the National Capital New Delhi.Alaknanda Plots Haridwar is a free hold property and full of amenities like Patanjali Yogapeeth which is one of the biggest Yaga Institues, few minutes walking distance from Alaknanda Plots in Haridwar.


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