Future of Real Estate Market in India

Will property prices in India fall? This is one question everyone has been asking, as its answer will eventually decide whether you are going to invest in the real estate in India now or you will rather wait for the property prices to fall.

According to the Investment Gurus and real estate experts “there is a definite boom in the real estate market in India and that’s why many people are going for investment in the real estate in India. According to market experts, Indian real estate market has got a tremendous potential and it will surely be riding high in the coming years.”

Favorable property market and real estate boom has made property investment in India look safe. This is also proved by the fact that Indian Government has liberalized its foreign direct policy to attract higher foreign investment.

It’s not that the property prices in India have suddenly seen a rise. Prices of property whether it be residential, commercial or industrial have been rising in India over the last few years. Taking an example of some of the better developed cities like Noida and Gurgaon, property prices have increased by up to 5 times within a few years. It’s not that only these cities are experiencing an appreciation in the real estate prices, property prices have been steadily rising across all parts and sectors of India may be the appreciation in the prices of property in other parts of India would not be that much.

A recent survey has revealed that, India stands on the fourth position among the top four Asian destinations for foreign direct investment. India being the largest democracy with excellent democratic governance and transparent property laws attracts more people for making the investment in the property and real estate market than any other country in the region.

Looking at the above factors we can say that as far as property market in India is concerned it is going only in one direction that’s upward. And this current trend will see more and more people investing in the property market in India.

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