Property Investment in Noida

They say, Home is where the heart is and that stands so true when it comes to choosing a residential property. We always desire for a perfect home and take utmost care to select the best lifestyle for ourselves. In such a case, even if we book a residential property on rent, we still try to match it to our lifestyle and our likes. Our choice of a house depends on our likes and requirement, but, in general while renting, we usually look for a good neighborhood, good connectivity, availability of basic amenities such as a shopping area, schools, etc. nearby and so on.

Property Investment In Noida: Why Is It A Lucrative Opportunity?

Though, such residential properties may be available in almost every city, yet, if we talk specifically about Noida, with an increase in investment of MNCs and several businesses, the real estate investment in the region has increased multifold. It is due to this development that Noida is being counted among the fastest developing regions around Delhi. Today, almost all the zones in Noida have a good connecting roads & excellent housing options.

When compared to Gurgaon, Noida has turned out to be a much better option. While Gurgaon has been associated with high-rise building and high-end apartments, Noida provides a wider range of housing options suited to the needs of people working with modest budgets.

Recent trends indicate that a 3BHK flat on the Noida expressway may cost somewhere between 13000- 17000 per month. This goes with the fact that in the recent past several bigger sized apartments and a world class race track has been built here, attracting more foreigners to invest in the region.

Also, when it comes to groundwater, the groundwater table in Noida is comparatively higher than that of Gurgaon. There is thus a little chance of a water crisis happening in the near future.

With Metro reaching the heart of Noida, connectivity in terms of public transport has tremendously improved and is constantly improving; therefore, keeping in consideration all these points, investing in Noida Property seems like a viable option.

New Projects are available in Noida:  Prabhuprem Gennex City | Truvae Fragrance | Ajnara Le Garden | Ajnara Ambrosia |



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