Wave City Center Noida

There are many residential and corporate estates coming up in and around the industrial town of Noida. So what is special about Wave City Center? It is position. This is located at the very heart of Noida and is strategically placed at Sectors 32 and 35. The whole project has been designed and developed keeping in mind the modern urban human. It provides its residents with every imaginable asset for modern urban living. This has been inspired by futuristic planning principles, and thus it successfully offers several real estate options as a whole, all inside the 152 acres that is the Wave City Noida. The authorities for this project have given a total of INR 375crore to the Noida authority at the rate of approximately INR 6570. This makes it the biggest private commercial deal so far in India.


The four important projects it has invested in are the high-end residential apartments, the Wave Business Tower (providing office space), Shop cum Office space and the studio apartments.


The upcoming residential project in Wave City Center Noida is certainly one of its kinds. These are situated right next to the Metro City Center and this gives it an edge over the other projects. This includes all the high-class amenities, features and will be (needless to say) fully furnished. The apartments will be in various sizes. It will all depend on the dreams of the customer who will come to buy one here.


When space is at its premium everywhere in the country, Wave City Center shows one how to utilize space properly. It includes every imaginable asset of modern high-end living and combines them all in just 152 acres. The Office Space in Wave City Center is located near the Metro Station. With enough available parking spaces, the Wave City Center Office Space owner enjoys an advantage over others. The offices are luxurious and modern, and the parking space provides enough space to accommodate 43,000 cars at a time.


The Shop cum Office Space in the Wave City Center is actually what the name suggests. In a single enclosure, you will get shops which will sell the necessary items and the much-required office space where you can hold your business transactions. Though it is not a new concept, the high-class amenities and luxuries will surely attract a lot of people to have their own share in this upcoming giant of a project.


Studio apartments are thoroughly a concept of modern living. The Studio Apartments of Wave City Center will be thoroughly furnished with extra entertaining and stylish furnishings. Spread over an area of 672 sq. ft. these exuding the look and feel of a high-end 5 Star hotel, this is located at sec 25A and 32, near the Metro Station. Great surroundings at a great price, that’s all this project is all about.

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