Real Estate Projects in Kundli, Sonepat

Kundli is the most heavily developed area of Sonipat in terms of real estate Sonepat. There are all kinds of real estate being developed in Kundli be it residential, commercial or industrial and the credit for all this development goes to the state government and the private real estate developers. The main reasons behind this aggressive real estate development specifically in this area are its proximity to Delhi as it is located on Haryana and Delhi border and the GT Karnal Road which crosses right through it providing it with excellent connectivity to Delhi and other areas nearby. Other advantages of the area include very good road network, pollution free environment, plenty of water resources in the area and good infrastructural facilities such as electricity and vast developable lands.


The government real estate agencies are mostly interested in developing industrial establishment in the areas whereas the credit for development of residential real estate in the areas goes to the private real estate development companies namely Ansal API and TDI, these two real estate developers have a major hand in the residential real estate sonepat development in Kundli. Besides these there also many other companies developing their projects in areas which are Parker group, JBB-Everest group, Pardesi group, and many more. Ansal API group and TDI group is developing their township in the area which offers all kinds of residential entities in them such as plots, floors, villas and apartments. Apart from these there are many companies which are developing group housing projects in the area providing apartments, these companies are Parker group, JBB-Everest group, and Pardesi group.



Apart from industrial and residential establishments, Kundli also boasts of world class commercial real estates in it which are also being developed by the private real estate development companies. Sonipat real estate property and there are many malls and office spaces developed by these companies in Kundli and some of them have become biggest crowd pullers in the area as they house some exclusive entities in them such as only McDonald’s restaurant of Sonipat, only Sagar Ratna restaurant of Sonipat, only multiplex of Sonipat, showrooms of some cars which are not available anywhere in Sonipat. Some of the best malls of Kundli are TDI mall, Ansal Highway Plaza and Parker mall and parker mall cum hotal, Parker suites.

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